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អានទំព័រនេះជាភាសា​ ខ្មែរ

Mother Nature is a Cambodian movement of passionate nature activists fighting for the protection of the sacred Cardamom Mountains of South West Cambodia, our nation's last major forest, while also ensuring the preservation and promotion of the indigenous communities living in the Areng Valley. This magical landscape, Cambodia's most important habitat for endangered fauna and flora, is under threat from a proposed hydro-electric dam by Sinohydro, the world's largest hydro company.


We are currently concentrating all of our efforts in demanding the cancellation of this suicidal hydro-dam in the Areng Valley, and we are doing so by: first and foremost, making the local inhabitants of the valley believe it is their right to defend their livellihoods, their culture and traditions, their unique landscapes, and their children's future. As we believe that the Areng Valley and surrounding Cardamom Mountains are natural heritage which belongs to all of us, Mother Nature is also raising awareness about the need for all Cambodians to get involved in the campaign. In the meantime, we are becoming this nation's very first nationwide movement of nature activists.


Our long-term vision also include the development of the whole Central Cardamom Protected Forest into a hub for quality tourists and nature lovers, both national and international, as well as the transformation of the whole into a mecca for research on its unique fauna and flora.


To find out more about us, visit our 'About us' section or find out more about our ground-breaking and innovative campaigns below. For those wanting to ask us more detailed questions or engage in conversation with us, feel free to send us an email to: information.mothernature@gmail.com




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