Mother Nature is a leading Cambodian environmental grassroots movement fighting to put an end to the systematic destruction of Koh Kong's precious natural resources by powerful state and non-state actors. Though this south-western province still boasts Cambodia's most robust natural ecosystems, the last 10 years have seen rampant destruction under the facade of 'energy generation', 'job creation', 'poverty reduction', etc. These large-scale 'development' projects have included the widescale logging and poaching of the unique Cardamom mountains, anarchic sand mining along estuaries and mangrove forests, conversion / destruction of protected forests and national parks, the sale of Koh Kong's majority of islands, illegal fishing off the coast of Koh Kong, etc.


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We are currently engaged in two campaigns;


1) "Saving the Areng Valley", aimed at keeping one of the nation's most precious natural assets, the Areng Valley, free from any hydroelectric dam or other large-scale development projects. Mother Nature's brave activists and the indigenous people of the valley, with the priceless assistance of many other civil society groups, have managed to coordinate an incredibly successful campaign opposing the construction of a senseless dam by the world's largest hydroenergy company, the Chinese state-owned giant Sinohydro. Though obstacles have been numerous and state repression against activists leading the campaign has been widespread (the leader of the local communities was jailed for 5 months and the founder of Mother Nature was exiled out of the country by the government), we managed in March 2015 to force the government to pull back from this project and postpone it indefenitely.


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2) "Saving Koh Kong's Mangroves", a campaign aimed at stopping, once and for all, the destructive sand dredging that has been happening across Koh Kong's estuaries / mangroves since 2008s; The entire coastline of our beloved province has been mined for sand, causing massive ecological damage to these unique eco-systems and destroying the livelihoods of local fishing communities, just so that Singapore can continue with its expansion of territory. Not differently from our other campaign, state-sponsored repression against our group for our effective campaign has been widespread: three of our activists were jailed for 10 and a half months after being charged with a crime they did not commit, and Alejandro González-Davidson, a co-founder of our group, has been charged as an accomplice and faces up to years in jail.


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