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  • Letter by Prime Minister Hun Sen in reply to request by commission on environment to cancel the proposed Areng hydro dam (Khmer);


  • Letter of clarification written by the Ministry of Mines and Energy stating the impacts and benfits of the hydroelectric dam and its status; Khmer; English;


  • Press release by the ministry of Mines and Energy threatening the founder of Mother Nature with defamation charges and accusing him of exaggerating the dam's impacts; Khmer; English;


  • Cambodian Lancangiang's says it has signed a contract with Sinohydro; (screen shot of web site);


  • Press release of Sinohydro Resources Ltd stating that feasibility studies of the Areng dam are finished; Chinese (screen shot of web site); English;


  • Clarification on the Areng Dam by Suy Sem, Minister of Mines and Energy, on Radio France International; (written ranscript of radio interview); Khmer;


  • Document issued by the Ministry of Mines and Energy authorizing Sinohydro to conduct large-scale drilling in the Areng valley. (Picture of a document). Khmer Page 1 / Page 2; English;


  • Koh Khong's provincial hall sends letter to the commune authorities of the Areng Valley informing them that SAWAC, in charge of conducting the dam's Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), is authorized into the valley (10th of march, 2014); Khmer / English;


  • Ministry of Environment authorizes SAWAC to conduct EIA in the valley, urging them to "Finish off its research on time to avoid interfering with the (start of the) investment"; (19th of March 2014) Khmer / English;


  • Detailed map of the dam by Sinohydro, including reservoir, tunnel, and other engineering technicalities;


  • Impact summary of the social and environmental impacts of the dam, both on the valley itself and downstream of the river, prepared by Conservation International and Cambodia's Forestry Administration; English;


  • Environmental Impact Assessment, prepared by SAWAC back in 2008 for China Southern Power Grid (the 1st company willing to invest in the project); English;


  • Map of the Areng Valley, with estimated reservoir of the dam and names of villages. (2008)


  • Map of the koh Kong province with Areng valley and access roads marked;

  • Chart comparing Power outputs / investment / size of reservoir of several hydro-electric projects in Cambodia;