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Media Articles on Saving Areng Valley Campaign


Below is a compilation of English media articles that have come out in the last three years concerning the Areng Valley and the fight to save it from destruction;


(សំរាប់អត្ថបទជាភាសាខ្មែរសូមចុចទីនេះ) For articles in Khmer, click here



+ Areng activist guilty of ‘forest crimes’, released on

suspended sentence; (Phnom Penh Post) 04 March 2016


+ Environmental Campaigner Convicted of Forestry Crime;

(Cambodia Daily) 04 March 2016


+ Hun Manet Inaugurates Areng Valley Schools;

(Cambodia Daily) 02 March 2016


+ Trial of Areng activist starts in Koh Kong;

(Phnom Penh Post) 18 February 2016


+ Anti-Dam Activist Denies Illegal Logging Charge at Trial;

(Cambodia Daily) 18 February 2016


+ Do-gooder or Lawbreaker? Court Hears Case of

Unlicensed Construction - (Khmer Times) 17/02/2016


+ PM Defends Hydropower Projects;

(Cambodia Daily) 24 December 2015


+ Rights group calls for activists’ release;

(Phnom Penh Post) 11 November 2015


+ Cambodia: peaceful direct action has saved one of our

most beautiful forests; (The Guardian) 27 October 2015


+ Another Areng activist arrested

(Phnom Penh Post); 08 October, 2015


+ Areng Valley Dam Protester Jailed on Charges of Logging

(Cambodia Daily); 08 October, 2015


+ Local activist called in for questioning

(Phnom Penh Post); 10 September, 2015


+ After Distributing Cash, Group Denies CPP Links

(Cambodia Daily); 30 June, 2015


+ Activist on tour: Anti-dam campaigner goes abroad

(Phnom Penh Post); 10 April, 2015


+ Areng Valley dam activist summonsed

(Phnom Penh Post); 27 March, 2015


+ Lawmaker Orders Photos, Video of Event Erased

(Cambodia Daily); March 9, 2015


+ Mixed signals on Areng dam

(Phnom Penh Post) 9 March, 2015


+ Activist summoned over alleged crimes

(Phnom Penh Post) Mon, 2 March 2015


+ Hydropower Dam Puts a Way of Life at Risk;

(Cambodia Daily) February 28, 2015


+ Gov’t confirms deported activist’s blacklist status;

(Phnom Penh Post) Fri, 27 February 2015


+ Support for Vocal Activist Still Strong in Areng Valley;

(Cambodia Daily) February 26, 2015


+ ‘I will come back,’ says deported activist;

(Phnom Penh Post) Wed, 25 February 2015


+ PM Threatens Use of Rockets in Areng Valley;

(Cambodia Daily) February 25, 2015


+ Dam foes ‘stay strong’;

(Phnom Penh Post) Thu, 26 February 2015


+ ‘Don’t talk about Areng’

(Phnom Penh Post) Wed, 25 February 2015


+ Cambodia leader says work on mega-dam will not

start until at least 2018; (The Guardian) Tue, 24 February 2015


+ PM jibes: I'll deploy rockets in Areng (Phnom Penh Post)

Tue, 24 February 2015


+ Defiant activist ejected (Phnom Penh Post);

Tue, 24 February 2015


+ Activist Alex arrested (Phnom Penh Post);

Mon, 23 February 2015


+ CNRP leader voices support for activist; (Phnom Penh Post)

Tue, 17 February 2015


+ Activist ‘thorn in govt’s side’; (Phnom Penh Post)

Mon, 16 February 2015


+ Areng Valley dam activist given marching orders;

(Phnom Penh Post); Sat, 14 February 2015


+ Koh Kong dam not on hold; (Phnom Penh Post)

Wed, 4 February 2015


+ Officials Say Areng Dam Study Under Way; Consultant Denies It

(Cambodia Daily) December 22, 2014


+ Activist ‘in too deep’; (Phnom Penh Post) Fri, 12 December 2014


+ Environment Minister Asks for Patience on Areng Valley Dam;

(Cambodia Daily) 25 November, 2014


+ Visit Convinces Lawmaker of Dam’s Threat to Areng Valley

(Cambodia Daily); 19 November, 2014;


+ Can REDD save the Areng Valley?;

(; 28 October 2014;


+ Impact assessment for Areng dam nears final steps as

project looms; (Phnom Penh Post); 31 October 2014;


+ Statements Suggest Green Light for Dam;

(Cambodia Daily); 29 September, 2014;


+ Gov’t threatens to sue foreign activist;

(Phnom Penh Post); 4 October 2014


+ Areng on back burner?

(Phnom Penh Post) 2 October 2014;


+ Cambodia Puts on Hold Plans to Build Controversial Dam;

(Radio Free Asia); 1 October 2014;


+ Areng dam a boon: ministry;

(Phnom Penh Post) 1 October 2014


+ Energy Minister plays down Areng concerns;

(Phnom Penh Post) 29 September 2014


+ Soldiers sent to Areng post;

(Phnom Penh Post); 17 September 2014


+ Standoff, arrests in Areng;

(Phnom Penh Post) 16 September 2014


+ Cambodian Police Detain Activists Against China Dam Project';

(Radio Free Asia); 15 September, 2014


+ Police put brakes on ride;

(Phnom Penh Post); 18 August, 2014


+ City Hall Blocks Bike Ride Against Hydro-Project;

(The Cambodia Daily); 18 August, 2014


+ Croc Release Dam Site Planned;

(Phnom Penh Post); 4 August, 2014


+ Army Creates New Platoon in Areng Valley;

(The Cambodia Daily); 24 June, 2014


+ Areng villagers afraid new Army platoon is there to protect

Chinese dam company; (Phnom Penh Post); Khmer


+ Government Pushes Ahead With Study of Koh Kong Dam;

(The Cambodia Daily); 11 June, 2014


+ Chong Villagers Block Chinese Engineers From Reaching Dam;

(The Cambodia Daily); 17 May, 2014


+ Ministry fails to settle fears over Koh Kong dam;

(The Cambodia Daily); 5 May, 2014


+ Areng Valley Group, Villagers to Visit Mines Ministry;

(The Cambodia Daily); 1 May, 2014


+ Families, monks, want dam cancelled;

(The Cambodia Daily); 29 April, 2014


+ Villagers make plea over crocs;

(Phnom Penh Post) 8 April 2014


+ Cambodian villagers fight Chinese developers

to save ancestral home - (UCA News); 29 April, 2014


+ Chong Villagers Put Festive Spin on Dam Protest -

(The Cambodia Daily); 18 April, 2014


+ Anti-Dam activists set to Block workers' arrival

(The Cambodia Daily) 11 April, 2014


+ Eco groups slam Areng dam

(Phnom Penh Post) 3 April 2014


+ Areng Valley mining may unseat dam;

(Phnom Penh Post) 25 March, 2014


+ Protests halt Chinese-backed Dam in Cambodia;

(Chinadialogue); 19 March, 2014


+ Dam critics outline litany of risks;

(Phnom Penh Post) 19 March 2014


+ Standoff in the Areng Valley continues;

(Phnom Penh Post) 18 March 2014


+ Dam route blocked; 17 March 2014

(Phnom Penh Post) Khmer / English;


+ Koh Kong villagers block road in efort to stop Chinese dam

(Cambodia Daily); English


+ Power couple linked to Sinohydro Project; (Phnom Penh Post); English


+ Areng project changes hands again; Article (Phnom Penh Post); English


+ After Chinese company's visit, villagers fear dam construction; Article (Cambodia Daily); English


+ An unsettling prospect;

(Phnom Penh Post)


+ NGOs ask PM to axe Koh Kong dam plans;

(Phnom Penh Post) 20 December 2013


+ Battle to save a valley; Mini documentary;

(Phnom Penh Post); Khmer - English;


+ Cambodia's marching monks;

(Al-Jazeera); 15 Nov 2013;


+ Monks enter forest fray;

(Phnom Penh Post) 8 November 2013;


+ Have a little faith

(South China Morning Post); 1 September, 2013;


+ Concerns about the proposed Areng hydroelectric dam;

Video (Radio Free Asia); English


+ Fight on to keep dam from turning pristine paradise into death valley; (Bangkok Post)


+ Last days of a valley damned; (Phnom Penh Post)


+ Facing Chinese dam, monks fight for temple;

(Cambodia Daily) 25 June, 2013;


+ Chinese Hydrodam Remains a Mystery to Locals; (Voice of America) Article (English) / Video (Khmer)


+ Cambodia turns to hydropower, to villagers' alarm; (The New York Times)


+ China is top dam builder, going where others won't; (Associated Press)