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The Wild KK Project is one of Cambodia's most special nature adventures. This not-for-profit social enterprise was created by Mother Nature and members of the indigenous communities of the majestic Areng Valley, an area of outstanding beauty which is threatened by a proposed (and highly destructive) hydroelectric dam. The Wild KK Project was created in order to: raise awareness about the incredible beauty of the valley and surrounding jungles part of the Cardamom Mountains to national and internationals tourists; provide alternative skills and a secondary income to the local villagers of the area; and help provide an extra source of income to the campaign to protect this stunning terrain from further destruction.


The valley and the surrounding jungles of the Cardamom National Park is home to stunning species of fauna and flora, such as the locally revered Siamese crocodile and the Dragon Fish, Asian elephants, gaurs, king cobras, the great Hornbill, etc.

We are eager to welcome passionate, responsible visitors to explore the awesome fauna and flora of the Areng valley and other places nearby, home to a unique culture and animist traditions of the local communities. Tours, which have to be booked in advance, take place at least once a week and involve interacting with the local communities as well as some awesome trekking, kayaking, and mountain biking experiences.


Click here to visit the Wild KK Project's website or send us an email to wildkkproject.mothernature@gmail.com for more information.